Monday, December 28, 2009


I just experienced a visual experience that left me searching for words. Amazing. Unbelievable. Revolutionary. Literally out of this world.

If you haven’t seen Avatar, even if you don’t like sci-fi, go. And spend the couple extra bucks and watch in 3D.

Being a visual person, I felt I was seeing colors I had never seen communicated with a sharpness that made me feel like I was in a completely new reality.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trail Running

Pounding the pavement has almost completely lost its appeal to me.

I am hooked on trails. Outdoors and fitness are in my DNA and since front door to trailhead is at tops only 20 minutes away, I often hear the trail calling me out. While the run may start in isolation the trail draws others too. Trail runners emerge as small herds without warning. A quick nod and "hey" and they are gone. I resonate with this culture.

Unpredictable simplicity is at the heart of running trails. Good shoes, some dirt and a little strategically placed poly, and you are good to go. Because trail conditions, forces of nature and seasons ensure a dynamic experience, I keep coming back.

Running on the roads is straight ahead linear training. Pace can change but you are for the most part running a line. Muscles slip into their familiar zone.

Trail running can at times be linear yet without warning becomes a dance with the wolves – rocks, roots, downed trees and unleashed dogs...which I truly don't mind. Short climbs precede steep rocky drops which morph to tight turns and sudden changes in pace. It is linear and lateral, slow then fast. Without question it works more muscles and requires more mental acuity than skimming the asphalt. Eyes are always darting to find the best path.

It makes me feel like a kid and I welcome that. Trail running is my new recess.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Design and Family

I am pretty sure I was born into a design grid. A family culture where white space and color placement were no accident. Being the son of an architect father and a creative mother meant that visual opinions were part of the day. We were often prompted to just stop and notice the view.

One of our favorite games as kids was to watch dad draw and try to guess what he was drawing. The very graphic vertical line was meant to stump us but we learned that it was a record album standing on end. Not fair. Gave us something to think about as we went off to bed.

Besides an orange, nuts, a comb and black socks our Christmas stockings were also occasionally filled with new color felt pens and if we were
really good....a new rapidograph pen!

Four boys. Each of us found a creative outlet ranging from writing, speaking, design, illustration and photography. In a way we all found ways to engage story by design.

The stories continue to be told.