Friday, April 30, 2010

Awake Oh Body

Yoga class was the bees knees but not quite what I had in mind. You see, dark rooms with water sounds and chants of “awake oh body awake” were endured but only drew me closer to the light and sounds across the hallway.

Most teachers try to learn names to connect. Well our well-intentioned yoga teacher called a graying woman Bonnie one session. “Bonnie” informed the teacher that she appreciated the effort as her name started with a “B” but it was not Bonnie. Then Mrs. “B” said something that made the beat and light across the hall more appealing still. She said, “Most people call me bitch, so anything starting with a ‘B’ is fine”. My laughter broke the silence and soon a new B-word entered my vocabulary – Bootcamp.

Across the hall was a room full of light, sound and sweat. It was the fitness start I needed after years of sitting with a few too many helpings of chips. After my first Bootcamp class my muscles were spent but my body and mind were fully awake. I was in the right place. Now a few years later, I am trying more classes, signing up for runs and enjoying fitness like I did in my twenties. I feel great.

Along with my beautiful wife, I now prefer being pushed by one whose name might as well be Mrs. “T” (Torture). One who dishes out pain with a smile. I wouldn’t have it any other way.